Ginban Kaleidoscope

Pete and Tazusa from Ginban KaleidoscopeGinban Kaleidoscope is written by Rei Kaibara and illustrated by Hiro Suzuhira. The manga adaptation is also written by Rei Kaibara and illustrated by Jun Hasegawa. An anime adaptation of the first arc of the novels, aired weekly on TV Tokyo from October 8, 2005 to December 24, 2005. This animated series is about the 16 years old Japanese figure skater known for her sharp tongue, Ms. Tazusa Sakurano who considers herself to be worth $10 billion in beauty and Pete Pumps, the Canadian ghost.

The story begun in Montreal Canada during the ice skating qualifying round, Tazusa was fall in the middle of a Triple Lutz and loses consciousness. And at the same time Pete Pumps, a 16 years old Canadian stunt pilot, dies in a middle of his performance when his plane crashes due to mechanical failure. Then Pete as a ghost he was given a 100 days by GOD to stay on earth before he can go to heaven and inadvertently ends up possessing Tazusa.

When Tazusa back in her consciousness, she heard a strange voice and she taught she was crazy but then Pete explained things to her and eventually she realized that she was possessed by the boy spirit. She did anything in order to take away Pete from her body but as it was destiny she do nothing but to accept the boy spirit. The things that bothered her was doing things that she usually do, like taking a bath and changing clothes because Pete see what she see and feel what she feel. While eating with Yūji Takashima, Tazusa's Canadian coach and Yōko Sakurano, her younger sister, she discover the secret keyword to control Pete's behavior even it was so nice to her. The keyword is tomato because Pete hates it. That time Tazusa picked up a habit of eating tomato in order to control Pete.

The battle of Tazusa, where about to happen this is about the Japanese Olympic representative for Women's Figure Skating and to Kyōko Shitō, the preferred choice for the event. Tazusa was being pressure by the media and forced her to say anything against Ms. Shito for a big expose. Thank for Kazuya Nitta, the freelance reporter who secretly admire Ms. Shito, because of his intelligent and tactics he save Tazusa in her struggle with the mass media. Another pressure for her was Yukie Mishiro, the official from Japan Skating Federation who claims that Tazusa has a “stone face”. Ms. Mishiro always made conflict with her because of her stubborn attitude but she does believe that Tazusa has special potential. Like Ms. Mishiro taught our $10 billion in beauty was the one who was chosen by the council to represent Japan in the Olympic Figure Skating competition. This all happened in a help of Tazusa's angel Pete, he is the one who gave Tazusa the idea of “Waitress on Ice” performance and the moves was patterned in Pete's air stunt.

Ria Garnet and Tazusa from Ginban KaleidoscopeThe Olympics day was coming and the exact date is February 23rd, that day is a 100 days of Pete in this world as a ghost. Tazusa became so lonely because she knew that the day where Pete needs to say goodbye her is very soon. The reason why she was so affected is that she was in love with Pete and she can't even say it to him. This guy makes her realize the importance of life and see things in life wonderful. So she planed to cancel the flight to Torino for the Olympics and decided to stay alone to enjoy Pete last day. But Pete disagrees with her and convinced her to go to Olympics. He told Tazusa that he will be very happy if they compete in the Olympics and give the crowd their best performance. So they flight to Torino for the Olympics and give their best performance “Waitress on Ice” and the crowd loves it. Tazusa win the second place for the first event and Ria Garnet Juitiev, the 14 year old Russian figure skate, win the first place. The day after it was February 23rd, pre-program competition is about to happened, that they is the happiest performance that Tazusa and Pete did but she only won a 4th place because of some change in technicalities. Tazusa don't care about the result and she go to the lake where Pete is about to say goodbye. She cries and said that she permitted Pete to possess her body forever because she doesn't want him to go. But Pete said that that was about to happened and he wish to see Tazusa's last smile before he go. Then he disappear and Tazusa left all alone but she continue her life with the taught that she learned with Pete.

Pete and Tazusa from Ginban KaleidoscopeThis story is very inspiring and interesting even though it has a sad ending. Knowing that the lovers Tazusa and Pete get separated at the end is very sad. That's why I make my own ending and I called it “Happy Ending”. I encourage all the visitors to make their own ending in the comments so that they can share their own opinion about it.


After a few years ago, Tazusa was walking in the street, she meet a mysterious guy. And that guy was Pete, he was given a chance by GOD for a second life because Tazusa wishes it. He was not actually dead, his body was only under comatose stage and because of Tazusa's love he fights the sudden part of death and lives. So when they meet again, they share life together and became husband and wife.


Regina said...

i love Ginban Kaleidoscope, because the story of this anime is very unique and so better watch GK!!

Rex_Puffer said...

Here's mine.
Tazusa was feeling all alone after Pete left her. Nowadays, Tazusa could not sleep at all. To make things a little better for her, she made a Memory Shrine of Pete, the Boy who would always be in her Heart, if could not by her side or in her forever.

At the same time, God in Heaven would never like it if His children are sad. So to make His special child happy, He decided to do the right thing.

Pete finally reached the Gates of Heaven, once again after a 100 Days. But then, he had to hear these words from God.

God: Peter Pumps, I bet that you remembered about Me stating that you return here in a 100 Days, correct?

Pete: Yes, that was right... and kind of short too.

God: Exactly... my Son...

Pete: Huh? What do you mean God?

God: I know you know what I mean. If you don't, then listen. I never like it if my children are sad. And one of them...

Pete: Yes?

God: You'll find out after I did this.

Pete: Huh? Ahhhh!!!!

Pete fell through the same trap door cloud once again. Instead of falling as a Spirit, he fall as Human! And guess what?

Tazusa: Huh? What is that?

She looks up and gasped.

Pete: Tazusa!!!!

Pete landed on Tazusa for her to catch him.

Tazusa: What... Pete?? Is that you??

Pete: This time... like you.

Tazusa: Oh my God... Pete!!!

Tazusa gave Pete a tight Bear Hug and a Kiss or Two.

Tazusa: Aw... Pete, I never had the chance to say this... I love you!!

Pete hugged back Tazusa with a smile on his face.

Pete: I love you too Tazusa...

So Tazusa and Pete were finally able to be together forever... and before we end this comment... or ending if you like. Tazusa and Pete looked up at the Heavens and smiled with some tears flowing from their eyes.

Tazusa & Pete: Thank you... Father...

Now is it okay to call God Father? Well, I think it is okay for me though. To me, it was a way to show that they appreciated God's doings. So anyways, Tazusa and Pete held hands together. And feeling unaware, the Ice below them cracked, sending them into the very cold water. Oh my God! Hee, Hee, just kidding, I'm just so Happy. But if it does happen... Tazusa's Coach found Tazusa and Pete outside his house all freezing to death and very wet. Tazusa and Pete shared the same room, Tazusa's bedroom to sleep in.

Then the next Olympics came, at the same time Pete must take the Ultimate Stunt Challenge. Tazusa, because of Pete, Ultimately Won 1st Place. And Pete, because of Tazusa, Ultimately Won 1st Place as well. Tazusa was then known as the Legendary Ice Skater of the Ice and Pete was known as the Legendary Stunt Pilot of the Skies. After a few years, the 2 of them got married and they... lived happily ever after... as the youngest, richest and most famous couples.

Tazusa: I agree that this should be our ending.

Pete: Indeed. Such sad endings are not for those Happy Ending Fans especially if they love Ginban Kaleidoscope.

God: Now that's what I like to see in the end... Happy Children... this really should be one of the ways to end Ginban Kaleidoscope, it really should be.


dragon said...

heres my happy ending, its not actually an ending but a new chapter or beginning...

After a few years tazusa was walking on the streets she saw a crowd of people gathered for to watch a tournament for aviators.
she stopped and stayed to watch the tournament,..(as she watched she remembers pete)then she suddenly remembered she needed to hurry up because she was late for practice(she runs)
as she was in hurry she suddenly bumps into someone...
a guy that looks exactly like pete...
(she doesnt know that its pete but after the 100 day as pete returned to the gate of heaven... he was sent back to earth because he wasnt dead yet he was just in a comma, though he was sent back to his body he couldnt remember what happened to him when he was a ghost) and so,... the new chapter begins as she meets tazusa for another time...

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

Here's my "Happy Ending". ^___^

A few years after Pete's ascencion, Tazsusa joins in another competition. This time, she felt something strange. Pete was back in her soul again! But not as a ghost, but as her GUARDIAN ANGEL ^____^
They spend more times training for the skating competition, and Tazusa wins it!
But a few days later, Tazusa suddenly dies in a tragic accident. This did not make her sad, though. Through this, he and Pete meet in heaven.....^_______^ xDDDDDDD

Hope you like it ^____^

SevenPointFive said...

Here's my ending - It's a rather short one

After Pete leaves and Tazusa says she loves him, there is a close up of her face, and his appears right infront of her, he says "I know, I love you too" and kisses her, before disappearing.

In a week, or a month, Tazusa is walking to school as usual, although by herself, without any reporters and she gets distracted by a commotion on he other side of the road.

As she turns to see what the commotion is about, the boy in the middle of it all turns around at the same time. He looks exactly like Pete. They make eye contact at the same time, then have an "Ah!! It's you!" moment, before rushing across the road to each other ---- and it fades. A happy ending where you can make up the rest of their lives yourself.

Or, to keep a bit of mystery, Tazusa rushes across the street to the Pete look-a-like and you see him turn around, with a big smile on his face, as if he's waiting for her.

I would just love to know that Pete and Tazusa meet each other again, or that Tazusa knows he's back and that she'll have the chance to tell him how she feels.

Mary said...

I watched Ginban Kaleidoscope because of what you posted, i didn't really read the whole thing honestly. But i thought the "happy ending" was the ending and i was so sad when it wasn't.

Nandita said...

i love Ginban Kaleidoscope.... its so emotional and funny :] but it has a sad ending heres my ending:

Tazusa watched Pete disappear... she burst in to tears.. suddenly she saw a big light in the sky. It was coming closer and closer, it landed with a big BOOM! When Tazusa opened her eye she saw Pete smiling at her. They were both in shock, suddenly Tazusa ran into Pete's arms and said,"I love you Pete. I want to live my life with you." They kissed for about 2 minutes straight and then after some time got married.

The End~

Algeline said...

here's my happy ending...

after pete left tazusa, tazusa became sad and lonely that God didn't take so he command pete to return to earth but He erase his memory of Tazusa. After 1 month when they accidentally meet each other tazusa saw it was pete and he runs toward him to give him a hug but pete does not remember her so he was shocked at the incident. after that he ask tazusa
pete: "who are you?"
tazusa: I'm tazusa can't you remember me?"
pete: no, but i think I've seen you somewhere"
tazusa: "yes! because we shared a lot of memories together!"
pete: "what are you talking about?!"
tazusa: "you don't remember anything?"
pete: "no"
tazusa: "please pete try to remember, it's me I'm Tazusa!"
pete: I'm sorry but i really can't remember you..."
then pete walk away and left tazusa confused..
after 1 week tazusa try everything to get in touch with pete and when they are finally friends again pete felt something weird, it's like she had a place in his heart that's why she fall for her again and after that they got married..

isn't it great?!?!?

psyche said...

I’m really flatter and honor with all your responses guys…I see different point of view of readers to its ending…But I guess it is so much more for our happy ending…I heard that there is another Ginban Kaleidoscope but characters are different, so I guess the story is not a continuation of it…Not sure with it but if I got fresh news about it promise I’ll post it immediately…Thanks guys!!!! Enjoy reading….

Akai Sakura said...

by what you said about season 2 of giban kaleidoscope....i have a theory of what's gonna happen, I think after so many years tazusa remained single until her very last breath but they didn't meet in the other world or the kingdom of god so they were reincarnated and were given a chance to meet and fall in love with each other again although they won't remember their past lives.

That's my theory but i could be wrong.....let's just hope the writer and the artist would continue to make mangas so they could make the season 2..

Looking forward to season 2
hope they release it soon

caro said...

wow, you read my mind, that's exactly what i was thinking as an ending, like they say, great minds think anime though, too short, but good...