Kyo Kara Maoh!!! - God (?) Save Our King!!!

Gunter von Kleist, Conrad Weller, Yuuri Shibuya, Wolfram von Bielefeld and Gwendel von Voltaire from Kyo Kara Maoh or God Save Our KingKyo Kara Maoh!!! [God (?) Save Our King!!!] is a novel written by Tomo Takabayashi which have been adapted into an anime series released domestically by Geneon USA, a manga and a series of audio dramas. The story follows the adventures of 15-year old Yuuri Shibuya as he discovers his future in a world where demons and humans are fighting against one another.

Yuuri Shibuya is an average high school student whose passion in life belong to a baseball game. His life change when an unexpected incident happened, some guys bully him and used to flush him in the toilet. His head get dunked in the toilet but surprisingly he sucked into it and ends up in another world. When he reach mysterious land, he sees some people dressed in medieval costume and speaking in some weird vernacular. There he meets Adalbert von Grantz who uses some form of magic so Yuuri understands the local language. He also meets Conrad Weller and Günter von Kleist who rescue him and take him to Blood Pledge Castle, the residence of the Maoh, where he soon finds out he is the new Maoh or Demon King will rule over “Shin Makoku” (True Demonic Kingdom). He is declared the 27th Maoh of the Mazoku (Demon Race) because of the strange power that suddenly transforms him into the Maou, deliverer of justice, this form can be recognized mainly by the longer hair and demon eyes.

Yuuri Shibuya, Wolfram von Bielefeld and Conrad Weller from Kyo Kara Maoh or God Save Our King

At first encounter with Wolfram von Bielefeld at the Demon Kingdom, he ends up engaged to him due to a mishap. It is because Wolfram get angry that Yuuri has been chosen as the Maou so he makes the mistake of insulting Yuuri's mother which earns him a slap. Unfortunately there is a noble rule of a Mazoku propose a marriage, it is by slapping another noble on his/her left cheek. Actually the slap was considered as unmanly but it is explained that Yuuri slapped Wolfram because he has a beautiful face, otherwise he would have punched him. Incensed by this insult, Wolfram challenges Yuuri to a duel, which is also mistakenly accepted because of Yuuri's unfamiliarity with Mazoku custom (he picked up the knife that fell off the table). During the duel Yuuri transforms into the true Demon King for the first time, proving that he has a right to the throne. Throughout the story, Yuuri gets dragged between the two worlds at inconvenient times. He also constantly confronted with the results of even the smallest choices he makes.

Yuuri Shibuya and Wolfram von Bielefeld from Kyo Kara Maoh or God Save Our KingThe series is predominantly made up of good-looking young men which lead to an assumption of being a shōjo (anime and manga written for a female audience). The series is often mistaken for such boys love because of its calm acceptance of homosexuality in the setting such as an early plot point that ends with two male characters becoming engaged, accurately the series can be called a “male harem”. Romance is not a main theme of the series, though it has a flourishing fan-community dedicated to various romantic pairings. As the series goes it reveals that it is more about justice and friendship.

Inuyasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

Inuyasha The Castle Beyond the Looking GlassInuYasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass is the second movie of the InuYasha movie series. In this film, the character designs are virtually identical to the Rumiko Takahashi versions, from the original manga (rather than using the Yoshihito Hishinuma designs, from the TV anime).

The film begins with the battle between Inuyasha and Naraku, Inuyasha's biggest enemy. Together with his colleague, they finally defeat Naraku. There is a doubt whether Naraku is truly dead, however the disappearance of Miroku's Wind Tunnel and the return of Kohaku's memories are the proof that Naraku has finally been laid to rest, also Kagura's heart is in her body again. So the gang turns their efforts to their individual concerns and try to go back to normal lives. Kagome briefly returns to her time period to catch up in school and happens to be learning about the legend of Princess Kaguya. She was a maiden from the moon, found by a bamboo cutter in the forest. As suitors proposed to her, Kaguya presented to them impossible tasks before returning to the moon.

Princess Kaguya from Inuyasha The Castle Beyond the Looking GlassThe legend was true, Kaguya is a so-called fallen angel (it is never specified if she is truly an angel, or a mere demon who thinks she is) who desires the Celestial Robe, which can make her immortal and rule the world. However, long ago Kaguya was sealed away in a mirror that seems similar to Kanna. Meanwhile, Kagura and Kanna, the two surviving incarnations of Naraku, are somewhat restless now that Naraku is dead. They come across a mirror in a hidden shrine and awaken a Celestial Maiden Kaguya, Princess of the Heavens. In exchange for freeing her, Kaguya promises to give Kagura her true heart's desire, freedom. To set the maiden free they must gather five items and drop them into the five lakes of Fuji. So Kagura and Kanna set out to recover five items that will free Kaguya from her mirror completely. The five items are the Jeweled Sprig, Crystal from the Dragon's neck, the Cloth of the Fire Rat which a half-demon wear (Inuyasha’s robe), Swallows Cowrie Shell and Stone Bowl of Buddha.

Sango returned to her village to search for his brother. Kohaku has returned to Sango's village without any memory as to who he is. He was found by her sister Sango and taken to their old house. While Miroku returned to his master, Mushin, and it's presents him a task that is to be given to the surviving descendant who defeats Naraku. This is to destroy a yōkai who threatens to cast the world into eternal night, at which the first sign of the yōkai's appearance for the first time in 50 years is a full moon shining for many nights.

Akitoki Hojo from Inuyasha The Castle Beyond the Looking GlassIn this movie new character were introduced his name is Akitoki Hojo and he is the ancestor of Hojo, the boy who has a huge crush on Kagome. He is a clumsy, naive but very sweet young man. He was first seen wandering through the woods as he stumbles upon Kagome, Sango, and Shippo at a hot spring. When Shippo finds out later, however, this information is used against him. He is the keeper of a celestial robe which his family has commanded him to cast into Mount Fuji, lest it fall into a demon's hands. He joins Inuyasha's group, partly because he has a bit of a crush on Kagome and partly because he is being blackmailed by Shippo for an earlier incident.

Kagura and Kanna find already find the Jeweled Sprig and Crystal from the Dragon's neck and drop it in the lake. One of the remaining item is the Cloth of the Fire Rat which was the rob of Inuyasha. When Kagome returns to InuYasha's time and the two of them, along with Shippō, go to find the remaining shards of the jewel. They get along and fight with Kagura because this evil woman wants the robe and she successfully got it. The Swallows Cowrie Shell was in the hand of Kohaku, so Kagura takes fight to him and also to Sango to get the item. Last the Stone Bowl of Buddha was in Kikyo's hand but she surrender it to Kagura without any fight and her intension was undetermined.

Inuyasha and Princess Kaguya from Inuyasha The Castle Beyond the Looking GlassKaguya finally freed from the mirror and she manage to steal the Celestial Robe to Akitoki because this will make her immortal and in order to rule the world. Along the fight in stealing the Celestial Robe, Kagome ends up getting kidnapped with the robe. To save Kagome, Inuyasha need to go to the castle of Kagura. InuYasha meets up with Miroku and Sango again and they prepare to rescue Kagome and stop Kaguya. Kaguya, whose power has increased exponentially now that she has the hagoromo, prepares to freeze time into eternal night. Kaguya tries to turn InuYasha into a full demon but his voice woke Kagome up and she attempts to stop the transformation by hugging him, saying “I love you as a half demon, InuYInuyasha and Kagome from Inuyasha The Castle Beyond the Looking Glassasha!” and by kissing him. It was the kiss that made Kaguya's mirror cracks and returning InuYasha to his half demon form. As they battle Naraku reappears revealing that he had purposely faked his death in order to absorb Kaguya. Inuyasha manage to kill Kaguya's physical form by using his backlash wave, but it end up in the form of black cloud and attempts to absorb Kagome to gain new body. In the end she is killed by Miroku's Wind Tunnel attack. Akitoki finally throws Kaguya's hagoromo into a volcano to stop any other beings from ever using its power. However Naraku still alive and escape along with Kohaku which again back to Naraku's side because of the curse.

Inuyasha The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass galleryThe movie has good twist and I really like the fact that Kagome and Inuyasha get a lot closer than ever before, I also like the bonding of Sango and Miroku too. And Shippō still manage his comedy aura that makes the story more colorful. I find out that the main essence of the movie is no other than the most powerful force in the world, “LOVE”. Although the story has no definite ending it is still very well recommended and I will not regret to watch it over and over again.