Sugar Sugar Rune

Chocola and Vanilla from Sugar Sugar RuneSugar Sugar Rune is a manga written by Moyoco and the anime TV series is an adoptation of it. The manga won the Kodansha Manga Award for children's manga in 2005.

It is the story involves the two young witches from the Magical World. The two little witches are Chocola Meilleure and Vanilla Mu, they were chosen to compete in a contest to become Queen of the Magical World. Chocola is an outgoing and daring girl with a forceful personality and Vanilla's best friends. In the Magical World, she lives with her grandfather. Her magical spell is “Sugar Sugar Rune! Choco-Rune!”. Vanilla is a shy and timid girl and the daughter of Queen Candy. Her magical spell is “Sugar Sugar Rune! Vani-Rune!”. The past queen candidates contest is a close fight between their mothers. Chocola mother, Cinnamon Meilleure, won in the contest but because of the ogres, Vanilla's mother, Candy, became the queen. That's why Chocola is now determined to win the contest, and be that bright star (A Radiant Queen of Light) for her mother.

Queen Candy, Queen of the magical world, give them a task in order to know whose the deserving one among the two candidates. They need to go to the human world and steal human hearts as jewel, the more hearts the more chance to be a Queen. The two girl was given each pendant (a heart catcher) to keep in there those hearts that they will be collected and a stick (magic wand). The hearts reflect the feelings of each and every individual and as a result, these hearts have different colors. The value of each heart will be dependent on its color. The two girls went to the human world and was meet by Rockin' Robin, their mentor and guardian in human world. Robin is the most brilliant in collecting hearts, in human world he is a popular rock star. He enrolled the girls in school to mingle with other kids and in order to collect hearts. He gives the girls a human name Chocola Kato and Vanilla Aisu. The two girls have their own familiars which they achieve when they cast a spell. Chocola got Duke, the red-and black striped and green-eyed magical frog, he tries to help Chocola to steal hearts however he isn't much help at the beginning but he prove to be useful later on. And for Vanilla is Blanca, the magical mouse, she is good in helping Vanilla to steal hearts and she enjoys teasing Chocola, Duke, and almost anyone who annoys her.

Chocola and Vanilla from Sugar Sugar Rune

In school they meet the mysterious boy name Pierre, he is handsome and popular in school but he has a cold heart. He's the captain of the fencing and tennis teams of the school and has a fan club of beautiful but cruel and cold junior-high students. He is also a prince of the clan called Orge. He serve the King of the Darkness in the Orge kingdom that's why he need to do some tricks to trap Chocola and Vanilla.He need to get the heart of the witches for strong power. There is the rules in magical world that one the witch lost his/her heart they will faced death.

There is a lot of adventure that Chocola and Vanilla engage with especially in the cruel hands of Pierre. In the finale, Vanilla lost her faith of friendship and accepted Pierre offer to become Orge Queen. Being an Orge Queen, she need to collect black heart, a heart that filled of sadness and hatred but in doing that herself is in jeopardy because at the end her life will be the price for it. Chocola as her bestfriend risk her life to save her, fortunately she win and she bring Vanilla back to light. In her quest to save Vanilla she discover that Pierre is her long lost childhood friend. Both Chocola and Pierre memory comes back when they where face each other in the forest where they first met. In the final battle Chocola fight the Graus, the King of Darkness, but it is too strong. Graus told her that Pierre was already dead but she didn't believe, she awaken Pierre's pink heart by saying “Pierre I will give you my heart”. Then Pierre awaken and kick Graus away from his body and everything backs to normal.

Chocola and Vanilla from Sugar Sugar Rune together with Pierre

Vanilla has greater collection of heart rather than Chocola that's why she won and became the Queen of the Magical World, but she refuse to be and give the crown to her best friend. Chocola deserve the title because she gave her best even her life to save others. The two girls wish to go back to human world to learn more things in life. Pierre and Chocola continue their good relationship with each other and Pierre used to collect orange heart rather than black for good change. Eventually Pierre and Chocola fell in love with each other and Chocola became the first Queen of the Magical world and the Orge.

The story shares a lot of good value in life especially in friendship. Those two girls remain friends despite the competition they are engage with. Pierre despise his black heart only for true love. What an awesome story so inspiring.


Saya from Blood PlusBlood+ (pronounces as Blood Plus) is a franchise based on 2000 animated film, Blood: The Last Vampire produced by Production I.G and Sony's anime production arm, Aniplex. Blood+ is the story of Chiropterans (the name of the order of biological classification that bats are in, this is the most likely reason for the vampiric creatures being called "Chiropterans" ) and Chevaliers (a vampire like creature) on how they inhabit the earth and their motives of living.

It all begun so many years ago when Joel Goldsmith set up the “Zoo” near Bordeaux, France and presumably begins “Joel's Diary”. The mummy of unknown life-form named SAYA is transferred to the Zoo and is later identified as Chiropterans. Extracted from its pregnant belly are two cocoons, which react to drops of human blood. Extracted from the cocoons are two children that are human in appearance, the one is named Saya and raised as a normal human in the Zoo, and the other remains unnamed, is locked up in a tower, and is used by Joel for experimentation purposes. Experimentation on that unknown child presumably continues, with Amshel, a member of a branch family, acting as an aid to Joel. Saya ceases aging and Joel becomes aware of the special properties of her blood. A 12 year old boy named Haji is introduced to Saya to investigate her reproductive potential. Saya, upon discovery of the unknown child in the tower in 1863 she named it Diva because of its brilliant voice. She told Saya that she wants to go out of that tower, so Saya promised her that she will find a way to let her out. At Joel birthday, Saya releases Diva from the tower to sing at the birthday party. And along with Haji, they go to the cliff to find flower for Joel but unfortunately Haji falls into the cliff. Saya turn him into a Chevalier via a mouth-to-mouth transfusion of her blood in order him to survive.

Saya and Haji from Blood Plus

At the mansion Diva killed Joel and the rest of the people there. When Saya and Haji go back the mansion was burned. The descendant of Joel founded the Red Shield to pursue Diva. Saya suddenly enters 30 year period of hibernation as well as Diva. When Saya and Diva awaken, Diva got many Chevalier in different country while Saya and Haji pursue Chiropterans in Russia. Having awakened some unknown time beforehand, Saya hunts several Chiroptera at Yokota Air Force (the events of Blood: The Last Vampire). Several months later, the Vietnam War begins. Saya enters third sleep soon afterwards.

Chiroptera sightings in Vietnam confirmed. The Red Shield injects Haji's blood into a hibernating Saya to cause an artificially induced awakening, resulting in her going berserk, killing Chiroptera and humans alike. Saya cuts off arms of both Haji and Carl (Diva's Chevalier). The dying original David entrusts Saya (in her fourth sleep) to George Miyagusuku. Haji, displeased by the incident, distances himself from Red Shield. Red Shield is unable to establish his whereabouts, but there are sightings of him in Hong Kong.

George adopts Kai and Riku whose parents died in traffic accident. Saya awakens in her fourth sleep in Okinawa. She was adopted by George, under the adoptive family she was given a named Saya Otonashi and has been living the life as an ordinary schoolgirl. She lost all her memories and totally forgets the past. She was under the surveillance of (the 2nd) David with the agreement that once she remember her past she will go with the Red Shield. It is an organization formed to combat the Chiroptera. The Red Shield was founded by the descendants of Joel Goldschmidt, Joel (6th). Most Red Shield members are culled from survivors of Chiroptera attacks, and all possess a trinket with an embedded Chiropteran crystal. The Red Shield's greatest enemy is Diva, and her Chevaliers. Red Shield is responsible for Saya's protection and well-being, using her as a weapon against the Chiroptera. Saya’s happy life is shattered when she is attacked by a chiroteran, and learns that she is the only one who can defeat them. George Miyagusuku becomes a Chiropteran and Saya was forced to kill him. Armed with her sword, Saya embarks on a journey with her family, allies and faithful servant, Haji, to rid the world of Chiropterans and rediscover her identity and Diva awakens soon after.

Saya and Haji from Blood Plus

Diva and Carl launched an attack on the Red Shield Headquarters and Diva killed Riku amidst the assault but not before forcing him to impregnate her. Carl's projectile spikes impale Joel in the spine and he was confined to a wheelchair thereafter. The Red Shield's command ship was forced to self-destruct in an attempt to take down Diva. Carl disobeys Diva because he can't resist his desire to fight Saya, but ends up losing his life and Amshel ordered Solomon not to save him. Solomon betrays Diva because he falls in love with Saya. In New York City, Diva and Amshel are finally killed. Haji goes missing, they are unable to confirm if he died or not, Kai and Saya return to Okinawa along with everyone else. She then falls into her fifth deep sleep. Kai carries her into his family's grave, where George had once shown Saya her cocoon she had slept in. Kai visits his family's grave where Saya sleeps. He takes his adopted children (Diva's twin daughters) and they both see the rose Haji has left for Saya.

Blood+ AMV - Bring Me to Life

Ginban Kaleidoscope

Pete and Tazusa from Ginban KaleidoscopeGinban Kaleidoscope is written by Rei Kaibara and illustrated by Hiro Suzuhira. The manga adaptation is also written by Rei Kaibara and illustrated by Jun Hasegawa. An anime adaptation of the first arc of the novels, aired weekly on TV Tokyo from October 8, 2005 to December 24, 2005. This animated series is about the 16 years old Japanese figure skater known for her sharp tongue, Ms. Tazusa Sakurano who considers herself to be worth $10 billion in beauty and Pete Pumps, the Canadian ghost.

The story begun in Montreal Canada during the ice skating qualifying round, Tazusa was fall in the middle of a Triple Lutz and loses consciousness. And at the same time Pete Pumps, a 16 years old Canadian stunt pilot, dies in a middle of his performance when his plane crashes due to mechanical failure. Then Pete as a ghost he was given a 100 days by GOD to stay on earth before he can go to heaven and inadvertently ends up possessing Tazusa.

When Tazusa back in her consciousness, she heard a strange voice and she taught she was crazy but then Pete explained things to her and eventually she realized that she was possessed by the boy spirit. She did anything in order to take away Pete from her body but as it was destiny she do nothing but to accept the boy spirit. The things that bothered her was doing things that she usually do, like taking a bath and changing clothes because Pete see what she see and feel what she feel. While eating with Yūji Takashima, Tazusa's Canadian coach and Yōko Sakurano, her younger sister, she discover the secret keyword to control Pete's behavior even it was so nice to her. The keyword is tomato because Pete hates it. That time Tazusa picked up a habit of eating tomato in order to control Pete.

The battle of Tazusa, where about to happen this is about the Japanese Olympic representative for Women's Figure Skating and to Kyōko Shitō, the preferred choice for the event. Tazusa was being pressure by the media and forced her to say anything against Ms. Shito for a big expose. Thank for Kazuya Nitta, the freelance reporter who secretly admire Ms. Shito, because of his intelligent and tactics he save Tazusa in her struggle with the mass media. Another pressure for her was Yukie Mishiro, the official from Japan Skating Federation who claims that Tazusa has a “stone face”. Ms. Mishiro always made conflict with her because of her stubborn attitude but she does believe that Tazusa has special potential. Like Ms. Mishiro taught our $10 billion in beauty was the one who was chosen by the council to represent Japan in the Olympic Figure Skating competition. This all happened in a help of Tazusa's angel Pete, he is the one who gave Tazusa the idea of “Waitress on Ice” performance and the moves was patterned in Pete's air stunt.

Ria Garnet and Tazusa from Ginban KaleidoscopeThe Olympics day was coming and the exact date is February 23rd, that day is a 100 days of Pete in this world as a ghost. Tazusa became so lonely because she knew that the day where Pete needs to say goodbye her is very soon. The reason why she was so affected is that she was in love with Pete and she can't even say it to him. This guy makes her realize the importance of life and see things in life wonderful. So she planed to cancel the flight to Torino for the Olympics and decided to stay alone to enjoy Pete last day. But Pete disagrees with her and convinced her to go to Olympics. He told Tazusa that he will be very happy if they compete in the Olympics and give the crowd their best performance. So they flight to Torino for the Olympics and give their best performance “Waitress on Ice” and the crowd loves it. Tazusa win the second place for the first event and Ria Garnet Juitiev, the 14 year old Russian figure skate, win the first place. The day after it was February 23rd, pre-program competition is about to happened, that they is the happiest performance that Tazusa and Pete did but she only won a 4th place because of some change in technicalities. Tazusa don't care about the result and she go to the lake where Pete is about to say goodbye. She cries and said that she permitted Pete to possess her body forever because she doesn't want him to go. But Pete said that that was about to happened and he wish to see Tazusa's last smile before he go. Then he disappear and Tazusa left all alone but she continue her life with the taught that she learned with Pete.

Pete and Tazusa from Ginban KaleidoscopeThis story is very inspiring and interesting even though it has a sad ending. Knowing that the lovers Tazusa and Pete get separated at the end is very sad. That's why I make my own ending and I called it “Happy Ending”. I encourage all the visitors to make their own ending in the comments so that they can share their own opinion about it.


After a few years ago, Tazusa was walking in the street, she meet a mysterious guy. And that guy was Pete, he was given a chance by GOD for a second life because Tazusa wishes it. He was not actually dead, his body was only under comatose stage and because of Tazusa's love he fights the sudden part of death and lives. So when they meet again, they share life together and became husband and wife.